Employer of Record

BreakingDown Barriers To International Expansion With Employer Of Record. Combuzz provides Employer of Record services which are designed to ensure your local and international employee management is taken care of. It's the quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to ramp-up your company's capacity and capabilities. 

Combuzz will be your extended HR partner for associate management right from on-boarding, document management, MOHRE approvals, E-Visa to exit formalities end of service management and redeployment. Our payroll bureau service includes secure calculation, verification, and processing of monthly payroll through to pay-slip preparation and distribution. 

Our Employee of Record solutions provides clients with a streamlined process that minimizes overhead costs and generates measurable benefits when resourcing for your needs. The best part is that you won't have to set-up a legal entity since we can offer you a trustworthy employment solution.



Employer of Record, Visa, and Payroll Services in Dubai & UAE

Q1: What is an Employer of Record (EOR) service in Dubai and the UAE?

A1: An Employer of Record service provided by Combuzz HR Solutions involves us acting as the legal employer for your staff in Dubai and the UAE. We handle employment contracts, payroll, compliance with local labor laws, and other HR responsibilities, while you retain day-to-day operational control over your employees.

Q2: How can your EOR services assist my business in Dubai and the UAE?

A2: Our EOR services are designed to facilitate seamless business operations in Dubai and the UAE. By handling complex HR tasks, we help your business navigate local employment laws, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on your core activities.

Q3: What are the benefits of using Combuzz HR Solutions for Visa Services in Dubai?

A3: Our Visa Services streamline the process of obtaining work permits and residency visas for your employees. We ensure compliance with immigration laws, handle all paperwork, and provide guidance through every step, making the process hassle-free for you and your employees.

Q4: How does Combuzz HR Solutions manage Payroll Services in Dubai and the UAE?

A4: We offer comprehensive payroll services including salary processing, tax calculation, and compliance with local regulations. Our services ensure timely and accurate salary disbursement, adherence to tax obligations, and management of any payroll-related inquiries.

Q5: Can Combuzz HR Solutions assist with employee onboarding in Dubai and the UAE?

A5: Yes, we provide full onboarding services, including orientation, employment contract management, and setting up payroll and benefits, to ensure a smooth transition for your employees into their new roles.

Q6: What makes Combuzz HR Solutions' EOR service unique in the UAE market?

A6: Our in-depth local expertise, customized solutions, and commitment to compliance and efficiency set us apart. We offer tailored support to meet your business's specific needs in the dynamic Dubai and UAE markets.

Q7: How do you ensure legal compliance for foreign businesses employing staff in Dubai and the UAE?

A7: Our team stays updated with the latest legal requirements and labor laws in Dubai and the UAE. We ensure that your business and employees are fully compliant with all local regulations, reducing your legal risks.

Q8: Is Combuzz HR Solutions' EOR service suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

A8: Absolutely. Our EOR services are ideal for SMEs looking to establish or expand their presence in Dubai and the UAE without the complexity of setting up a legal entity. We offer scalable solutions to suit businesses of all sizes.

Q9: How do you handle the processing of visas and work permits through your Visa Services?

A9: We manage the entire process, from application to issuance, including liaising with government authorities, ensuring all documentation is accurately completed, and providing timely updates throughout the process.

Q10: How can I start using Combuzz HR Solutions' EOR, Visa, and Payroll services in Dubai and the UAE?

A10: Simply contact us to discuss your needs. Our team will provide a detailed consultation, explain our services, and customize a solution that aligns with your business objectives in Dubai and the UAE.

Benefits Of Combuzz EOR Services

Having the help of an EOR in Dubai and UAE gives many benefits to your business because we’ll be your guidance to help your organization enter in this new market and navigate it effectively.

  • Our Visa. Our Payroll - Your People. Anywhere in the world.
  • Managing visa, insurance and payroll for your team
  • Managing employment benefits, costs & administration.
  • Assured 100% compliant with local labour laws, taxes etc
  • Fast and easy access to over more than 10 countries across the MENA
  • help you achieve a quick market entry to expand globally faster and begin your operations immediately
  • Ensure your international workforce stays in compliance with local regulations
  • We are the best solution if you want to test new markets easily
  • We offer ongoing support and a dedicated specialist